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As a mother of 4 children, now grown, I know how precious time can be. There were never enough hours in the day to get everything done, i.e. grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop off and pick up, gift shop and wrapping , post office runs, just to name a few. How long does it take you to run out to drop off prescriptions, go the post office, pick up party supplies each week? Think about all the responsibilities you have as a busy mom or professional, like ordering flowers and gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, wrapping those gifts, prepping and mailing holiday cards, etc. Often times, these tasks would get done over the weekend in lieu of spending quality time with family and friend, because getting out with 4 small children during the week was difficult. I would wait until the weekend so my husband could be with the children and I could tackle the tasks of running a household. Starting this company has filled a need for me, since I was doing these tasks on the weekend and it made me think that there are a lot of other people doing the same thing. In turn it has allowed me to help others accomplish what they need to do. By arranging to have someone else take care of the little, but necessary things in life, you gain the time and freedom to accomplish the big things!